High School Survival Guide

QUICK: What’s the first word that pops into your head when I say HIgh School?
Is it boys? Prom? Bff’s? Parties? Or maybe it’s drama, cliques, acne and broken hearts?
No matter what the word that comes to mind is, high school is a complicated mixture of all these words. Yes, it’s full of great memories, amazing people, and hot guys but it’s also filled with tears, insecurities, and hard days. In order to cope everyone could use some sort of a guide… So here you go:

1. Taylor Swift just gets it
When you’re having an issue take a breath and relax because Taylor Swift had the exact same issue and then wrote a song about it! Girl drama, boyfriend drama, it doesn’t matter; she’s been there and jamming out to her music is THE best cure.


2. A Beautyful Solution
I don’t know about you guys, but when a small problem occurs in my life, it seems as though the whole world is coming to an end. But let’s be real… It would take A HECK OF A LOT MORE than a cheating boyfriend or not getting homecoming queen to end the world. Anyway, when a seemingly life-altering-disaster happens, I typically get extremely down on myself “oh I’m ugly.” “I’m not good enough.” …these thoughts cloud my brain and make the situation 10x worse and I’m sure I’m not the only one who experiences this. So, when this happens,

You have to Shut up and Make-Up

Turn your music on really loud, get ALL of your make up, sit down in front of the mirror, and make yourself a princess. Trust me this works like a charm.

You’re beautiful… never forget.

3. Chocolate: A Bandaid for the Heart
There’s nothing like a hot, gooey brownie fresh from the oven to mend a broken heart. So when a high school boy breaks your heart, say “SCREW YOU” and bake some brownies because trust me, that little square of chocolate will get you a lot farther than some boy. (hopefully)

^ these are the absolute best brownies EVER. You’re welcome.

4. Stop Stressing, Start Netflixing
Netflixing (verb): watching movie/tv marathons on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and without a care in the world.
Is it finals week? Is your math teacher piling on the homework? (mine sure is) Do you have to read a whole book in less than a week? Along with all the silly drama, mean girls, and broken hearts, there is all the education stuff- and that can be super stressful! In order to relax, sometimes I have to distract myself for a while and Netflix is the perfect distracter. There is show after show, movie after movie, that will suck you out of this world and put you into someone else’s.

it is fantastic

So, when the stress starts getting to you, turn on the tube, and hit up netflix. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

5. When Something Goes Wrong, Make it Write
When you’re bogged down with high school crap let it out onto a piece of paper. Just sit down with a pen and paper and start writing. Don’t even think about what you’re saying- it doesn’t have to sound good! Just let it out, you’ll feel better. When you’re finished, you’re head will be a little clearer and you’ll be a little more in touch with yourself. YAY for writing!


Stay beautiful

lauren liz


Blogging World, Here I Come

Blogging? Say what?

There is a variety of blogs out there: DIY blogs, how to blogs, cooking blogs, fashion blogs… Blog, blog, blog… The list goes on and on. My goal in blogging, however, is not specifically to show off my fashion sense, flaunt my expensive material possessions, or teach everyone how to do cool things. {Although I will do those things occasionally}

It’s simply an outlet

Everyone needs a niche- Something that helps them let off steam. For me, my stress reliever has been exercise, and while I still enjoy a good run or a refreshing swim, I want to start branching out a bit {I blame pinterest} and one of the new things I am trying is blogging. Blogging as an outlet, blogging as a passion, and blogging for myself.

20140225-102609.jpg (and blogged about it)

…may my blogging journey begin…

Lauren Liz