Blogging World, Here I Come

Blogging? Say what?

There is a variety of blogs out there: DIY blogs, how to blogs, cooking blogs, fashion blogs… Blog, blog, blog… The list goes on and on. My goal in blogging, however, is not specifically to show off my fashion sense, flaunt my expensive material possessions, or teach everyone how to do cool things. {Although I will do those things occasionally}

It’s simply an outlet

Everyone needs a niche- Something that helps them let off steam. For me, my stress reliever has been exercise, and while I still enjoy a good run or a refreshing swim, I want to start branching out a bit {I blame pinterest} and one of the new things I am trying is blogging. Blogging as an outlet, blogging as a passion, and blogging for myself.

20140225-102609.jpg (and blogged about it)

…may my blogging journey begin…

Lauren Liz